About The Food Justice Program

An Archway Community Services Program

Collaborating with various partners, the Food Justice program explores food justice and food sovereignty in action.

We are working to strengthen the local food system, to identify gaps in services, and to provide access to nutritious food for all community members.

Collectively, we are developing the Valley Food Connection (VFC), a network of food system players that share a unified goal of building a community centered around food.

The VFC will host community-led food programming and will bring people together in an inviting, inclusive and inspiring environment.

We hope to empower the community through skill building, education, and knowledge-sharing programs. At the Valley Food Connection, you come to Eat, Grow, Share and Connect.

The Bulk Buy Collective

The first service of the Food Justice program is the Bulk Buy Collective. Those who participate in the collective get access to fresh produce at wholesale prices through shared purchasing power. 

The Bulk Buy Collective began in June 2021, and as of June 2023 there are more than 1000 individuals, including 450 children in 290+ households, who benefit from this shared purchasing power.